Tail Water Tevere

by Luca Castellani
fly fishing in Tuscany
Luca Castellani
Fly Fisherman of the Year 2007
Orvis Endorsed Guide


Tail Water Tevere

Sansepolcro (Arezzo- Tuscany)

Near the town of Sansepolcro, the Tevere flows through the Tuscan countryside (about 1,5 hours south of Florence). Below the Montedoglio Dam, the Tevere is around 80 feet at the widest. It branches often and this makes it easily wadable. The tailwater is extremely fertile and full of insect life. There are mainly browns and graylings. The fish range from 12″ to several pounds. The Browns are rather particular and selective to the hatches and require 7X tipped or more for surface activity.

They do not fear humans as the stream gets lots of activity. The river is famous for grayling, it is the most southern river beat where this fish spawns. The constant water flow and water temperature, allow very good fishing throughout the warmest months. This river is restricted to classic fly-fishing only and catch-and-release regulations.

Fishing is carried out mostly with dry flies, imitating the very rich presence of mayflies and caddis or sedge.

Regulation of the river is following the philosophy of catch and release, for lovers of fly fishing, and TWT is  considered a good spot for the dry fly fishing, and it is also famous, from June to November , for the big hatches of BWO.



Fishing Season:
April until December
8 km (5 miles) Flyfishing area no\kill . Catch and Release
Grayling and Brown Trout





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