Luca Castellani : Fly Fisherman of the year 2007

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If ever there were such a thing as perfection I think I’ve just discovered it. And if you’re into cooking, it’s like creating the perfect dish. So what’s the dish? Well, it’s called the ultimate fly fishing holiday. And what are the ingredients that it makes it so special? Simple: take a crystal clear river, correct, season-long water temperature, an abundance of hatching insects and wild trout rising to the naturals from dawn until dusk. Then add glorious Italian scenery, medieval hilltop towns of breathtaking architectural beauty, and food to reduce an artist to tears of joy at its simplicity of creation and complexity of taste to the buds. Now call me a romantic if you will, but if these are not the combined ingredients of a fly angler’s perfect holiday, then you tell me what they might be…………

Arkadi de Rakoff

We fished together the Tail Water Tevere.  Hope to see you again for fishing the other my homewater.

Grazie my friend.

Luca Castellani

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