Fly Fishing Guide in Tuscany & Umbria

Tail Water Tevere, Tuscany

Grayling and Brown Trout

This river is famous for the sommer/fall hatches, where the big trout and grayling rise at small dry-flies (Sansepolcro Tuscany)


Bwo Hatch at Tail Water Tevere


First week of November  on Tail Water Tevere

Sommer at Tail Water Tevere,  a 28 inchof Michelangelo’s Trout (Brown Trout 84 cm)  rose at a  small dryfly during the hatch. (Sansepolcro Tuscany)

Brown Trout : Upper and Lower Nera River.

25 inch ( 74 cm) Brown Trout caugt on August at Nera River  ( Borgo Cerreto Umbria)

Brown Trout caught on July on Upper Nera River with a dry May Fly ( Borgo Cerreto, Umbria)

Brown Trout caught with a dry Mayfly on June ( Borgo Cerreto , Umbria)

Trout of Nera River caught on August with a big black Chernobyl and Bamboo Rod ( Ferentillo, Umbria)

Grayling of Tail Water Tevere

Grayling caught at the pool called “Briglia 1″ with a dry fly ( Sansepolcro, Tuscany)

Grayling caught at the pool called “piccolo Unec”, with a bamboo rod ( Sansepolcro, Tuscany)

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