Tuscany fly fishing: (Upper Tiber River) The Tiber River is named after Tiberinus, Etruscan King of the mythical city of Alba Longa, a city on the banks of the Tiber prior to the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus. Fly fishing the upper Tiber River, approximately 120 miles north of Rome and 45 miles east of Florence, is a strictly no-kill tail water fishery with a thriving, self-sustaining population of trout and grayling. Many large fish are often spotted, some even caught. The area: The upper Tiber has seen the flourishing of the Etruscan civilization, Florence battling for supremacy during the Middle Ages and, in the Renaissance, gave birth to Michelangelo and Piero della Francesca. Fly fishing in the upper Tiber valley, nestled between the regions of Romagna, Umbria and Marche, a land of rolling hills and cypress trees, is a unique experience, is like fly fishing while being immersed in culture and medieval legends, in a corner or Tuscany well worth discovering.

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Born out of passion and a desire to share the experience of wonderful journeys, W.E.T. (Western European Travel) specializes in taking care of those details that change an ordinary vacation into an unforgettable one.

With the incredible wealth of history, art and architecture, from small medieval villages, secluded 12th century monasteries that still preserve the flavor of the past, to historic large cities, more than a question of “where” to go it is a matter of “how” to visit.

Western European Travel offers a different approach, personalizing travel services, taking care of those details that define the difference between an ordinary vacation and an unforgettable one. We also provide booklets describing the areas to be traveled, local history and anecdotes, interesting side trips and useful information for a pleasant journey.

Whether planning a honeymoon or a family vacation, interested in attending cooking classes, wine tasting, horseback riding to ancient monasteries… or fly fishing, if you prefer to “live” the local lifestyle, as opposed to just “visiting” places, let us be your guide.

Nothing is more gratifying than being able to organize new adventures for clients that, aft

er their first trip with W.E.T., enthusiastically return, year after year.

We look forward to being of assistance in planning your next vacation, confident that it will be a memorable one.