My bride and I were visiting some towns in Tuscany for a week toward the end of October, and I managed to negotiate a day’stroutfishing. A little internet search found me a couple of fine English speaking fellows with Mosca Club Altotevere, Moreno Borriero and Luca Castellani. They guide on the Tevere (or Tiber), a tailwater that eventually flows through Rome to the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are several other fishable streams in the area also where they guide also. The club is headquartered at the farmhouse hotel Podere Violino, near the quaint little medieval town of Sansepolcro on the border of Tuscany and Umbria. I showed up with no gear and few expectations-was I in for a surprise! Where we fished was a flat, slow moving section above a low head dam, just a few minutes from the lodging. We were the only ones on the river, it was drizzling rain, and the brown trout were jumping as far upriver as I could see. Some of those I saw at close range were easily 20’’-24’’. The dozen or so I actually brought tohand were in the 14’’-18’’ range. Of course there were numerous missed strikes and last second refusals.The river had a hard flat bottom and the wading was very pleasant. We could spot fish cruising along the bushy far bank and I had notrouble reaching them with the light rod-it was mostly sight-casting. I was expecting an overused fishery and petite trout, but I found the Tevere to be well regulated and full of bruisers. I was impressed with the professionalism of the guides, the club, the whole operation. Luca provided the gear; a 4wt sage, new waders that fit, 7X tippet, and he tied all his own flies. The insects the fish were feeding on were impossibly tiny bue winged olives, so Luca’s solution was bright yellow inch-plus-long foam Chernoblyl Ant variants. If the hatch had been baby chicks, we could say we matched it. They would slowly take the fly dead drifted under the branches at the bank, or with more gusto, ripped aggressively midstream. Podere Violino is clean and comfortable, and has wonderful food and good prices. The language was no problem, except in trying to sort out Italian road signage and toll ways. I’d advise anyone to get a good map and a briefing on toll paying scheme. The day’s guide fee was 200, plus there was a daily river fee of 10., plus a 30 one-time regional license, all of which were obtained at the hotel. If you find yourself headed to this lovely region, the Tevere, and Luca and Moreno are worth your while.