Italian Licence for Foreiners:

if you are in Tuscany. You have to go to the post office and pay a  Bollettino Postale, value two weeks.

10 € intestato a :    c/c  26730507

Regione Toscana Tesoreria Regionale

causale:    tassa per l’esercizio della pesca pescatori non residenti



for the Regione Umbria you have to go to the post office and pay a Bollettino Postale

15  € value three months

c/c 1035347952   Regione Umbria Esercizio per la pesca Servizio Tesoreria

causale:  licenza pesca sportiva per stranieri non residenti in Umbria

I suggest to print this page if you have problem with the italian language, the man of the office could help you to write this models.

For my clients  don’t worry,  I’ll take care of this.