On the upper reaches of Rome’s famous River Tiber (Tevere), in a deep dam: This causes cool water to flow from the  tail-race and flows through the warm and dusty  terracotta plains of eastern Tuscany. Here, there is a fly only , catch & release wild water  which winds its way down through lush, tree-lined banks for eight kilometers and holds and excellent head of quality brown trout and grayling. The 8-kilometers stretch is fished hard , so this is technical fishing-precise casting under trees and dragless presentation with tiny  (size 20) flies, but guides are available . The season runs from May and finished at the end of December. The best fishing starts in the middle of July, with excellent hatches of plecoptera and blue-winged olives occurring in October and November, and rare, white Mayfly (Ephemera Glaucops),  with hatches in September evenings.

What Else?: The river runs past the ancient town of Sansepolcro, the whole  area is famous for its history and gastronomic delights , and the medieval walled villages date back to the 1th century, when the Etruscans ( after wich the Romans named Tuscany) settled there.  There arer olive groves, frescos of famous artists, lemon trees , cathedrals, Italian pasta , museum and Tuscany’s red wine. Florence and Siena are close enough to visit.

When?: The season starts on may 1th and finish December 31th

Details: Fishing at the Tail Water Tevere costs 30€ per day( now 15€ ticket- 25€ card member).  Tickets available from the club house at Sansepolcro (booking not necessary).