Fly Fishing on the Upper Tiber
For the visitor who is serious about fishing and has only a short time here, or the beginner who wants to learn how to cast from a professional, fly-fishing guide Luca Castellani is the man to call. He supplies everything necessary for a day along the river: rods, waders, leaders, flies, licenses and permits. Fishing every week and noting slight changes in the water levels and hatches, Luca knows exactly where to fish and which flies and techniques are best. The tailwater fishery between Lago Montedoglio Dam and Sansepolcro is wide, wading is easy and large Grayling and Brown Trout are in abundance.  The rule here is catch and release. As a boy, Luca fished with his father and uncle. After an earlier career as a guitarist, he became a guide in 2001. Well-known for his innovative flies and work on environmental programs, he and colleague Mauro Raspini were named Fly Fishermen of the Year in 2007 by Italy’s most important magazines devoted to the sport.Tourists who wish to try their luck during fishing season, May 1 to December 31 , may purchase a 15-day license at the post office for 10 euros, or a year-long license from the Mosca Club Alto Tevere for 23 euros.    Contact:          Luca Castellani