Luca Castellani

Fly Fisherman of the year 2007


Orvis Endorsed Guide

Fly Fishing Guide in Tuscany & Umbria

Luca Castellani was born in Perugia, Umbria in 1955 and he´s been fly fishing since the early 1980′s. Luca has been a professional guide since 2001, with a passion for helping other get the best.  He writes for several fly fishing magazines like Fly Line, FFMagazine, and Pescare.

Luca has been the founder and  promoter of the sections C & R and Fly Fishing Only where we go fishing, he is now also  part of the management team of the various associations that manage the pristine waters where he guides his clients. In the winter period, he is for two days a week the river keeper of his homewaters. He began to frequent these rivers in 1974, and therefore he has a very deep understanding, knowledge and passion of these rivers. Probably no one knows the timing of these waters like he does.

He is also a professional fly tyier.                           

His innovative flies are very important for the rivers you’ll go fishing with him. Spf, mini-chernobil, extended-body dun just to say some famous his flies. Luca and his intimate kwowledge of this river really made the difference.  Tail Water Tevere, Upper and Lower Nera River, Santa Susanna and Velino River are the rivers where guides his clients. Luca can supply you with everything you will need : waders, flies, and beautiful handmade bamboo fly rod if you prefer to leave your rod at home.  He provides licenses and tickets for the day with no difficulty.

He loves fishing the still water. Trout of a small lake in winter or large mouth or Pikes of the Trasimeno Lake  are the place for several days of fishing.

Probably no one knows the timing of these waters like he does.

He teaches fly fishing and organizes workshops (launch, construction, and fishing strategy) at various levels either alone or in collaboration with other experts.

For the results achieved in fly fishing and in environmental protection programs of the river ecosystems, Luca and his fraternalFlyFisherman of the year 2007friend and colleague, Mauro Raspini were proclaimed Fly Fishermen of the Year in 2007 by the most important flyfishing magazines in Italy at the Sim Fly Festival of Castel di Sangro.

He is a member of the Mosca Club Alto Tevere and President of the club of the Nera River: Mosca Club Valnerina. Luca is one of the judges of the World Tuscany Open, which is one of the most popular races of artificial constructions in the world, conceived and organized by the MCAT

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